Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.  If you still can't find an answer or have a specific question, please send a request to us directly:

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What is your warranty on your fittings and tools?

DMC Power’s obligation is limited to the correction or replacement of any unit which proves defective in material or workmanship under normal use and service:

  • 1 Year Warranty after delivery to the first user on all Swage Connectors, Power Units, YokesDie Blocks, repair parts and labor
  • 90 Day Warranty after delivery to the first user on Swage Dies and Hydraulic Pumps
  • No warranty exists regarding the compatibility of our Swage Connectors / Swage Tooling with connectors / tooling products of others

The full terms of our Product Return Policy can be found here.

How do I determine which part number I need?

Part numbers for many of our most popular connectors can be created online. If more information or help is needed, contact your Territory Manager or Customer Service Representatives and we’ll help you find the perfect tool or connector to complete your job.

Can we purchase directly from you?

Yes, DMC Power sells all tooling and connectors directly to our users. Contact your local Territory Manager or call us at 888-SWAGE-NOW for more information.

Where do you ship products?

We have customers all around the world and will ship connectors and tools anywhere Swages are needed.

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Can I use DMC Power Tooling or Connectors with Tools or Connectors from other manufacturers?

DMC Power Swage Tooling and connectors are not certified or authorized to be used with any connector or tool not manufactured by DMC Power. Our Swage System has been designed, tested and manufactured to perform as a mate. If this mated system is compromised for any reason its safety and performance is unknown as it has not been tested. Please read our Swage Safety Advisory Bulletin for more information.

What is the country of origin?

DMC Power Swage Tooling and Swage Connectors are proudly made in the United States, in compliance with the current “Made In USA” standards established by the Federal Trade Commission, by our experienced team of craftsmen following ISO certified quality standards.

How can I view specific drawing or product specifications?

You can view our customer PDF Drawings 24 hours a day. If you need an Autocad version, contact your Territory Manager or email us directly at sales@dmcpower.com.

Are your connectors tested to the standards of the utility industry?

Yes, DMC Power Swage connections meet or exceed all industry testing requirements. Reports available upon request.

Are your connectors rated to 230kV/345kV/500kV/765kV?

All of our connectors are designed to meet or exceed their listed maximum rating. Contact us for information specific to individual connectors.

Can you make custom connectors?

Yes, many of our connectors have developed from customer requests. All design, testing and manufacturing is completed on-site at our facilities, allowing us to make any part in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Which welding method do you use?

DMC Power uses only TIG welds for our connectors because it is more versatile, precise and produces more consistent welds than MIG welding. Our experienced, in-house welding staff specialized in TIG welding on both Aluminum and Copper material.


What makes a Swage Tool?

Our Swage Tooling is very simple to use and consists of three major components:

  • Hydraulic Pump – provides 10,000 psi of pressure to the Power Unit
    • We offer Gas, Electric and Battery pump options.
  • Power Unit – extends and retracts an internal piston that is connected to the Die Block using hydraulic pressure
    • We offer 5 sizes of Power Units, depending on if its a Bus, Cable, Ground or Full Tension application
  • Head Assembly – connected to the Power Unit and comprised of three main sub-components: Yoke, Die Block and Swage Dies. The Swage Dies rest in the Yoke and Die Block to make the 360° Swage onto the connector. The Die Block is connected to the Power Unit piston and the Yoke attaches to the side of the Power Unit to provide a “backstop” for the Die Block.
    • We offer 24 different Head Assembly options, depending on the outside diameter (OD) of the connector and Power Unit combination

Once the Power Unit is determined all you need to know if the OD of the connector being used. Check out our online Tooling Selector to help select the proper Swage Tool for your application.

Which Swage Tool do I use?

The type of Swage Tooling depends on the outside diameter of the Swage Connector you’re using (Bus, Cable, Ground or Full Tension), which is determined by the conductor size you are using. Connector O.D. can be found on the product charts and our online Swage Tool Selector makes it easy to find the required tooling.

Example: 4/0 AWG AAC Cable Conductor = 1″ O.D. Connector = DLT45CLHA02500 Head Assembly & DLT45MAPW0000 Power Unit 

Do you charge for tooling and product training?

There is no charge for our training and we can have your crews back to work within 30 minutes.

Does DMC Power support Swage Tooling after the sale?

Absolutely! Our Swage Tools are designed to be robust and reliable for not months or years, but decades. To ensure the life of the Tooling we offer certified repair and maintenance plans at all levels.

Can I do a trial before I buy the tool?

Yes, contact us to conduct a free trial or for more information on our rental and lease programs.