Manufacturing Capabilities

DMC Power has a full service facility based on lean manufacturing principals, strategic partnerships with vendors and stringent quality control. Adhering to these standards allows us to improve efficiency, maintain fair pricing and deliver the highest quality products possible.

Any project you can think of, we can make. Our capabilities include:

  • Raw Material Cutting Saws
  • Plasma Cutting
  • State of the art CNC Mills & Lathes
  • TIG Welding
  • Inkjet & Laser Markers
  • High Capacity Heat Treat Ovens
  • Deburring Bowls
  • 500,000 cubic feet of storage

Raw Material Selection

It all starts with the material! Because the slightest impurity or off-temper can impact conductivity and the resulting Swage profile, DMC Power puts critical emphasis on this first step in the manufacturing process.

DMC Power has established long relationships with the top raw material suppliers. We continually audit our vendors on material consistency and purity to ensure they supply us with the finest copper to meet our exacting standards.

All copper, aluminum and steel is inspected at the mill with material certificates documenting each step in the process on every lot delivered. Once received we conduct a tightly controlled secondary inspection on material entering our facility and used in the manufacturing of our products.



Serious Quality Control

DMC Power is a “Total Quality” company dedicated to continuous, measurable improvement. All products and services provided by DMC Power shall conform to requirements specified and meet our customer’s requirements the first time, every time.

From initial quoting through on-time deliveries, our pledge to exceed customer expectations of a defect-free, premium value product is one we’re proud to make and certain to deliver. In order to meet our own high standards, we commit that we will provide:

  • Totally open communications with our customers
  • Our customers with only the highest quality products and services
  • Products and services on time in the best possible way
  • A system of continuous Quality Improvement
  • Verified, independent test reports
  • Continually improve all products, services, and the Quality Management System that supports them


Continuous Inspection

As a certified ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing facility, our well established quality system has a particular emphasis on the manufacturing process.

From planning processes to packing and shipping, each step in the production cycle is laid out with detailed routers, inspected, and uniquely stamped at every workstation along the way.

This continuous quality control continues through shipping, where a final review of all documents, drawings and a visual inspection of the connectors to be shipped is made. All of these necessary steps ensure the parts leaving our dock are exactly what you ordered, what you will receive and will arrive in the condition you expect when the boxes are opened on your jobsite or in your warehouse.


More than quality assurance: it's quality guaranteed.

Our Process