Have you ever asked your connections provider what kind of testing they do and if they spend the time and money to make 100% certain their products will surpass your expectations?  The in-house engineering team and R&D capabilities at DMC Power allows us the opportunity to continually innovate and provide almost anything you need to get the job done at a moment's notice. Additionally, we use the following independent test labs to conduct third-party certification and EHV tests:


Some of our ever expanding engineering technologies include:

Design and Prototyping

DesignElectrostatic Analysis

Corona Formation Voltages/Geometries

Corona Formation Voltages/geometries

Stress Analysis

Static, dynamic, and non-linear stress analysis

Static, dynamic, and non-linear stress analysis

Photorealistic Rendering

Realistic looking computer generated images

Realistic-looking computer generated images

Fatigue Tests

Number of tooling cycles, life of dies, yokes, and other assemblies

Frequency Analysis

Modal Analysis to find resonant frequencies

Thermal Testing

Temperature Gradient

AC Magnetic Tests

Magnetic Flux Density, OhmicLoss, Temperature Gradient

Transient Magnetic

Fault current simulations and resulting temperature rise, forces and stresses