Install Substation Bus Connectors With The Push Of A Button

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Superior Substation Bus Connectors

DMC Power's revolutionary substation Bus connectors are made of the highest quality materials that are designed to last a lifetime.  Combined with our hand held Swage Tools, the unique 360° radial Swage System technology enables the installation of copper or aluminum bus without welding or bolting.  Just one push of the button creates the strongest Substation Bus connection that's safer than welding, instantly inspectable and doesn't need constant maintenance like bolted connectors do.

Utility companies and construction crews throughout North America trust the speed, reliability, safety and lower total installation cost of our Swage System and substation Bus connectors.  Decades of in field use and extensive independent testing proves that DMC Power's Swage Tool and substation bus connectors outperform welded and bolted systems in tensile, bending, vibration Corona/RIV, current cycle and fault current testing.

Advantages of our Substation Bus Connectors

  • Bus bars can be pre-cut and assembled prior to swaging
  • Highest quality Aluminum and Copper raw materials
  • Swage in any weather condition and avoid expensive construction delays
  • Permanent swage connections mean you never have to tighten bolted connections again
  • Consistent quality of swaged connections no matter who performs the Swage
  • Faster installations mean substantial cost saving; Swaging is proven to be at least three times faster than welding
  • A superior connection over weldment because there is no heat-affected-zone to weaken the pipe
  • EHV connectors rated up to 765kV
  • Easy to use! Our simple Bus SOP will train and certify users in less than 30 minutes

Save Time & Money by Swaging Copper Bus

DMC Power has a complete line of 100% pure virgin copper connectors available for any copper bus application your substation design may need.

These beautiful fittings are manufactured to the exact specifications of your project and can be delivered in a fraction of the time of lesser quality connectors from other suppliers.  Read more>>> 


Substation Bus Connectors