Lead Times

We don't have to wait on suppliers, and neither should you.

At DMC Power, we believe waiting on suppliers should be a thing of the past—and with us, it is. Our in-house design and manufacturing facilities in the Los Angeles and the Memphis areas enable us to deliver connectors to your job site within an industry-leading 2–4 week lead time, one of the fastest in the business.

Fast, Proactive, and Responsive

Emergencies like unexpected outages or job site theft demand immediate solutions. We're prepared for anything at DMC Power. Operating independently from casting houses or specialized operations, we swiftly fulfill rush orders, often faster than anyone else in the industry.

Our dedicated rush team is committed to tackle rush jobs head-on and get your delivery out the door. As part of our rush promise, the team get a quote to you within 1 hour. Upon receiving a PO, we do everything in our power to machine, weld and ship your connectors as fast as possible - often within business days.

Partnering for Predictability and Efficiency

You can count on our Territory Managers to forecast your needs based on upcoming project pipelines. Their industry insights and understanding of our production process ensure timely connector orders, allowing you to stock up for emergencies and lower overall costs.

Strategic Depots Across North America

By collaborating with our customers to forecast usage, we're able to stock many ready-to-ship connectors and tooling components at strategically placed depots throughout North America. So, when that inevitable emergency strikes, we can get you the parts you need - often that very same day.

Seamless, Speedy Shipping and Handling

When it comes to shipping, our experienced department ensures a flawless process. We conduct final inspections on every connector, professionally wrap them, and securely box for safe transit. Through partnerships with carriers like FedEx, UPS, and international freight forwarders, we accommodate partial, split, or drop shipments to any location.

At DMC Power, efficiency and reliability aren't just goals—they're inherent in our process. Our streamlined approach ensures fast lead times and proactive responses to emergencies. Our team is here to predictively adapt to meet your needs, all while maintaining top-notch quality and seamless shipping.