Lead Times

We don't have to wait on suppliers and neither should you

Since we design and manufacture everything under one roof at our Los Angeles or Memphis facilities, DMC Power is able to deliver any connector to your job site within our standard 2-4 week lead time - which is one the fastest in the entire industry.

But unexpected outages, job site theft and short ordered items happen. That's why they're called emergencies and that's why we're proactively ready to handle anything that comes up at a moments notice.  Because we don't have to wait on casting houses, specialized operations or raw material deliveries we can turn out rush orders faster than anyone else.

Our rush team will do whatever it takes to tackle rush jobs and get them out the door.  As part of our rush promise, the team will return a quote to you within 1 hour and upon receipt of the PO do everything in our power to Machine, Weld and Ship almost any connector as fast as possible - often within  business days.

Help us, help you

Our dedicated Territory Managers are here to help forecast exactly what you'll need based on projects in the pipeline.  Leverage their industry experience and knowledge of our production process to order the connectors you need, stock up for future emergencies and ultimately lower your total costs.

Not everything ships from CaliforniaIMG-20130215-00055

By partnering with our customers to forecast usage we're able to stock many ready-to-ship connectors and tooling components at strategically placed depots throughout North America.  So when that inevitable emergency hits, we can get you the parts you need - often that very same day.

But when it does

101_1126Our experienced shipping department has all the resources available to get you what you need, when you need it and in perfect condition.  All our connectors receive a final inspection before they're professionally wrapped and packaged in rugged, secure boxes.  Our partnerships with FedEx, UPS, various trucking companies and international freight forwarders allows us to send out partials, split orders or drop shipments to any location.