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January 11, 2017

Just wanted to drop you a note with some feed back on the press and sleeve system you provided for us on a recent project in BC.

Crews recently used the DMC swage system on the (name withheld) windfarm 34kv project. Scope of the job included stringing and sleeving 795 Drake conductor in some extremely difficult terrain at a difficult time of year (late fall/winter in the mountains). The pump, press, dies and sleeve system you provided worked flawlessly, with some obvious advantages over previously used competitor products.

Some of the advantages we experienced were:

  • Usability of the light weight press head. Nearly half the weight of other products
  • Experienced very little, if any, deflection or bending of the sleeves
  • There is no maintenance required after pressing, eg. Filing the sharp edges on other products
  • The ability to roll the sleeves through travelers when line profile allowed for it , gave us the ability to sleeve at ground level right at the tensioner, saving time
  • There were significant time savings in the actual sleeve install


Overall, we were very happy with the product and service received from DMC Power products. You can plan on us contacting you for further tooling and material as required.

October 14, 2010

Good morning Matt,

I'd like to thank you for your contribution to our successful project. Because of your assistance, your expertise, and your exceptional customer service, we were able to complete our substation project on schedule and within budget.

Your instruction of the crew in the use of DMC tools and materials made the difference for us. The materials are of excellent quality and easy (fast) to assemble. We and our customer are very impressed with the connections. Our figures tell us that the use of the DMC parts were in line with the cost we would have had if we had been required to use a welder and welded parts. The difference however, was the savings in not having to mobilize a welder and remobilize multiple times as delays occurred and plans were changed.

Please also thank Todd Cutter for his assistance in helping to expedite the materials when we needed them "in the 11th hour". It was a pleasure doing business with you both.

Thanks again for the excellent product and exceptional customer service.

March 14, 2011

To the people at DMC Power,

I would like to take a minute to thank you for your efforts and quick responsiveness. Recently the utility we are doing work for delivered some bus fittings that did not correspond with the project design. After several communications it was apparent that they were not going to have the correct fittings to us in time to make our scheduled outages.

Chris Kiel and his team at DMC Power immediately came up with a solution to our problem and we were able complete our task ahead of schedule! Chris Kiel's professionalism was a relief to what could have been a very stressful situation.

Again, thanks for the help. It's greatly appreciated!

I am very pleased to have DMC Power Swage Products on our Substation Project.  We are currently trying a new type of Grounding Cable.  This cable is designed to be an alternative to copper grounding cable and provide additional security from copper theft.

After viewing the installation, tooling, and fittings, DMC POWER products present a great way of installing a grounding grid with their Swage System.  DMC POWER provides a system that offers safe, all-weather installations at a substantial time/cost savings.

I was also satisfied with the customer service provided by DMC POWER.  They provided an informational training seminar and were on-site offering support during the installation.  I am very happy with the quality and service that DMC POWER provides to their customers.

If you want to use a high quality system with great service to match, then I highly recommend using DMC POWER products on your next substation.

Subject: Consistent On Time Delivery Excellence

Please accept this letter as recognition of your company's consistently excellent on time delivery performace in support of (major utility).  For at least four consecutive quarters, your organization has demonstrated more than 80% on time delivery of all orders.

Your company's on time delivery performance average was 96% for the past four consecutive quarters.

(We) congratulate your company for this accomplishment and encourage you to share this acknowledgement with all your employees.  We appreciate your commitment to excellent customer service!

The appreciation is mine. Your visit provided us the comfort of ensuring that we were able to complete a major milestone on our project, ahead of schedule, yet convenient to all the players in this plan. I personally thank you for taking the time to assist us on Saturday.

Thank You,