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Next Generation EHV Substation Connectors Have Arrived!

DMC Power's Extra High Voltage (EHV) product line has been engineered from the ground up to provide the extra strength, durability and voltage capacity required for EHV substation connector applications.  All EHV substation connectors have been designed with extra shielding, corona rings and robust material mass to provide up to 765kV of current capacity in all environments. Click here to see a chart of our most popular EHV rated items.

And because its a DMC Power product it uses the exact same tooling and provides the same time and labor savings as our standard Bus and Cable connectors. Our unique Swage system technology allows your crews to quickly and safely install any type of EHV substation connection in a fraction of the time it takes to set-up, weld and inspect.



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Many of our existing Bus connectors were already EHV rated for 5" & 6" applications, including the PLK1000 Splice, PLK1500 A-Frame Tee and redesigned PLK3230 Bus Support.  But we have many more EHV substation connectors for Bus applications that are specially designed to fit this higher capacity - check them out here in our product catalog section.



EHV Substation ConnectorTested to the highest standards, our newly redesigned EHV substation connectors for use with Cable applications are the talk of the industry. The single Swage installation and easy to use inspection gauge allows for an even faster installation of EHV cables and a lifetime of high quality performance.  Click here to see a list of EHV cable connectors.


 Can't Find What You Need? We'll make it!

Our in-house engineering, testing and production teams are experts in fast turns of unique parts - including EHV substation connectors. Countless items have been modified from their stock form or developed from scratch and added to our product catalog based on what our customers need to get the job done. When you run into a situation where you need to get a part fast or have an application that needs some creative solutions, turn to DMC Power!

EHV Substation Connector CEHV9642

Extended barrel version of CEHV9642


Advantages of EHV Substation Connectors

  • All Bus connectors are tested Corona free for use at and above 500kV, Cable for use at above 345 & 500kV
  • Corrosion resistant material is machined to a high quality surface finish, weep holes (cable only), designed-in shielding and generous mass & radii for high ampacity and voltage
  • Reduced power loss and radio noise
  • Manufactured to the highest standards to preserve quality and connector performance
  • Utilize the same exact tooling and dies as our traditional connectors
  • Swaging reduces installation time, maintenance and cost
  • Easy to use! The installation SOP is exactly the same as our Bus and Cable connectors