Cable voids and bird caging are a thing of the past

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From #6 to 4326, Swaging is the cable solution

Utilities use a variety of specialized substation Cable connectors to distribute power as a flexible alternative to bus. Unfortunately, this flexible material is often difficult to work with. Bird-caging, hot spots, excessive voids and uneven compression leads to constant maintenance and repairs. But that’s all a thing of the past with our line of substation Cable connectors and Swage system technology.

By utilizing the DMC Power Swage system you are guaranteed to have a complete 360° connection around any cable. Swaging produces a virtually void-free, maximum conductivity connection that far surpasses any other bolted, welded or crimped connection system.

Advantages of our Substation Cable Connectors

  • Save time by using one swage instead of multiple crimps
  • Superior electrical performance due to a virtually void free swage
  • Finished pads allow both sides of the tang to be used equally as a connection surface
  • Tin plated option is available for use with valuable copper cable
  • Installation is quick and easy with our lightweight tooling
  • Reduces your tooling needs by working on a large range of wire sizes that are bundled into a small number of barrel OD’s
  • Complete Engineering, Testing, and Manufacturing facilities in-house at our Headquarters
  • Custom sizes and configurations designed to fit the requirements of your substation cable connectors
  • EHV connectors rated up to 500kV
  • Easy to use! Our simple Cable SOP will train and certify users in less than 30 minutes