About DMC Power

DMC Power (formerly Deutsch Metal Components) was founded over a half century ago. From its humble beginnings as a machine shop, the company rapidly progressed to become a leading supplier of component parts for military aircraft during World War II. In later years, the company expanded its customer base to include commercial and business aircraft, as well as spacecraft. From World War II aircraft to today's jumbo jets, military fighters, business jets and even the Space Shuttle, we are the preferred connection technology for mission and life-critical, commercial and military aerospace hydraulic systems.

The creation of a patented, 360º Swage tool began the transformation from machine shop to a company with a vast array of aerospace product lines. Our aerospace product lines include a large variety of high pressure fluid fittings designed and tested for aircraft tube-joining. As a need grew for a similar tool and product line in the power industry grew, DMC Power modified the aerospace Swage tool to provide the best connection technology available in the power industry. In addition to introducing a 360º Swage tool to the power industry, DMC Power began producing substation bus, cable and grounding system connectors.

DLT45_smallWith DMC Power's patented Swage tool, Clients can:

  • Complete substation and grounding projects up to 4x faster than welding - save time and bring your substation online quicker than with traditional methods.
  • Avoid loose, bolted connections. Our connections have been independently tested to remain tight and secure, even under severe vibration.
  • Enjoy consistent, high quality connections. Our patented swage tool eliminates the variability of connection quality when welders are used.
  • Avoid weather delays. Our tool operates in wet and windy environments.
  • Welding uses compressed gases, open flames and toxic fumes. Exothermic welding for grounding systems has unpredictable explosions that can shoot molten metal into the air. Swaging is a "Cold welded" connection that avoids and eliminates safety issues.
  • Training is quick and simple – if you can push a button, you can Swage.
  • Enjoy reduced construction costs when weather delays, specialized labor, and risk avoidance issues are all considered.

DMC Power's internal research, engineering, testing and manufacturing resources are truly world class.

Our aerospace background makes us the unchallenged leader when it comes to power industry technology. Our 360º, swage tool makes all other forms of power industry connections obsolete. Use DMC Power – Next Generation Power Connections.

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