Keep your ground grid simple with just 3 connectors

Technically Superior Ground Connector System

DMC Power believes safety should be the top priority for anyone who works in the power industry. With that in mind, we developed our Ground connectors to not only be higher quality and faster to install, but actually increase on-site safety.

Our Ground connectors are designed to ensure years of superior connection in various soil and weather conditions, as it protects personnel and equipment in case of a fault event. Our proven Swage connection system and hearty connectors reduce the system failure – and potential injury - due to voids and insufficient connector mass and virtually eliminates the costly time and expense of digging up a grid after burial.

Best of all, our one-button mechanical Swage operation means no open flames are ever used and a superior, proven connection is made to complete a low-resistance path to the ground.

Three Connectors Are All You Need

We offer dozens of configurations for Ground connectors – but if you’re using 4/0 or small, why make it difficult?

Our Split Parallel (GC721/GC888), Split Elbow (GC739) and Offset Split Cross (GC759) Ground connectors are all you need to complete your entire electrical grounding grid.  These speeds up installation of your connections even more by using just 1 or 2 Swages and makes the design of ground grids and the purchasing of connectors even easier.

Check out this page to see examples of all applications these three connectors can be used for.

Ground Connectors

Advantages of our Ground Connectors

  • Connects Bare Stranded Copper, Dead Soft Annealed Copperweld, Ground Rods, Solid Wire and Metric conductors.
  • Using 4/0 cable or smaller? Then 3 connectors are all you need to build a complete ground grid - learn more here
  • All-weather installation: Tooling works in rain, snow, wind and even wet or flooded soil
  • Reliability of the system provides a tested connection that is predictable and consistently repeatable by any user.
  • Instantly inspectable! Know that it’s right for life the first time with our simple Go/No-Go Inspection Gauge.
  • Increase theft deterrence when you choose our tin-plated option.
  • Eliminate weld reactions, fumes and time-consuming alignment issues and increase your site safety.
  • Swaging doesn't wear out any molds and eliminates concerns about mixing molds and shot materials from multiple vendors.
  • Our grounding and cable connectors share the same tooling platform and can be purchased or rented by the project.
  • Easy to use! Our simple Grounding Connector SOP will train and certify users in less than 30 minutes.