Tooling Safety Bulletin


To Our Valued Customers,

With the growth and increased adoption of Swaged products, there may be attempted reproductions on the market.  As the originator of the Swage System for utilities, we appreciate the attempt to duplicate the tooling and connector system that we have perfected over decades of research and development.  It is validation that our Swage System is the best method of connecting bus, cable and grounding in the utility market.

The DMC Power Swage System was developed in conjunction with customer requirements and industry standards with a particular emphasis on engineering quality, safety, material science, manufacturing processes, tooling technologies and customer satisfaction.  Extensive in-house testing, 3rd party testing and decades of actual field work provides our customers peace of mind and assurance they are using the best system on the market every time they choose to connect with the DMC Power Swage System.

We hope that with our quality products, delivery performance, customer service, technical assistance and tooling & field support, we are your supplier of choice with all the products we offer.  However, should that not be the case, please be aware of the following:

  • DMC Power Swage Tooling is not certified or authorized to be used with any connector not manufactured by DMC Power.
  • DMC Power connectors are not certified or authorized to be used with any tooling not manufactured by DMC Power.
  • DMC Power will not sell, rent, or loan DMC Power tools to anyone not using DMC Power connectors.
  • The DMC Power Swage System has been designed, tested and manufactured to perform as a mate. If this mated system is compromised for any reason its safety and performance is unknown as it has not been tested.
  • Personal safety is critical. Mismatching DMC Power tooling with non-DMC Power connectors, or vice versa, creates a valid safety concern during installation and after due to potential connector failure. As the OEM, we are again reminding the user this is not authorized by DMC Power. If for any reason you choose not to follow our guidelines regarding the correct use of our Swage System, you, the user or owner of our tools, are indemnifying DMC Power of any liability this may create.
  • In addition, as the OEM, all tooling and fitting warranties are void if non-DMC Power products are used with DMC Power tooling or fittings. Compliance with our SOP is crucial to our system performing safely and creating the connection our customers have come to expect.
  • Finally, as a result of unauthorized misuse of our system, any and all potential future liabilities of the Swage tool will fall on the users or owner of the tools. With this announcement, the user or owner of DMC Power tools are making an informed decision to relieve DMC Power of any liabilities if the DMC Power system is misused.

DMC Power has extensive Swage experience across multiple markets and process applications.  We want to share that knowledge with our customers to help them make informed decisions with regards to the DMC Power Swage System and look forward to having this discussion with all of our customers as required.

While there are many options available and potential suppliers available, we hope that we continue to earn your business and look forward to partnering with you on your next project.