Tooling For Any Substation or Transmission Job

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360° Radial Swage Tool is Faster, Safer, Higher Quality, All-Weather and Lowers Total Project Cost

The focal point of DMC Power's unique connection technology is centered around our patented, 360° Radial Swage Tool. Over half a century of aerospace connector expertise has been transformed for use in the power industry. Using that expertise and the highest quality metals and precision-engineered flex dies; DMC Power's Swage Tool creates a true 360° Swage.

No other T&D bus connection comes close

Proven performance in even the most undesirable of conditions: snowstorms in Alaska, swirling winds in the Northeast and rugged conditions of the remote Australian Outback, are no match for DMC Power's all-weather connections. Our unique system allows for fast, safe and reliable installations through heavy rain, white-out snow, freezing sleet and swirling winds.

With DMC Power's Swage Tool and connectors, you can schedule your installations without having to concern yourself with the availability of a welder or having agreeable weather.

Best of all, ANYONE can SWAGE!

We can usually train your entire staff and get them using our Swage Tool in less than 30 minutes.  DMC Power's proven method of connections reduces human error and injuries and increases the efficiency of your installation process.

Swage Tool Advantages

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – Constructed from solid material for maximum strength and reliability.
  • SAVES TIME – Consistently install connections faster than other methods.
  • ALL WEATHER – Operates in freezing temperatures, wind, snow, rain & heat.
  • IMPROVES SAFETY – No open flames or special safety equipment required.
  • LOWER TOTAL PROJECT COST – Reduce labor expenses, set-up costs and downtime.
  • INSPECTABLE QUALITY – Easily and immediately verify Swage with "Go/No-Go" Gauge.
  • EASY TO USE – On site training gets crews Swaging in as little as 15 minutes.
  • CONSISTENT RESULTS – One button operation produces quick and repeatable results.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE – Few moving parts and easy die removal for cleaning and lubrication.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Single tool can be used for various cable, bus, grounding and full tension applications.
  • FAST LEAD TIMES – Most tooling items are on the shelf and ready to be shipped.