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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.  If you still can't find an answer or have a specific question, please send a request to us directly:


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What is your warranty on your fittings and tools?
How do I determine which part number I need?
Can I use DMC Power Tooling or Connectors with Tools or Connectors from other manufacturers?
Can we purchase direct?
Can you ship to my country?
Does DMC Power have an App?

Design / Engineering

How can I view specific drawing or product specifications?
Are your connectors tested to the standards of the utility industry?
Are your connectors rated to 230kV/345kV/500kV/765kV?
Can you make custom connectors?


What kind of Swage tools do I need?
Do you charge for tooling and product training?
Can I do a trial before I buy the tool?