Solid Wire Connections

3/0 & 4/0 Solid Copper Wire Connector Solutions

All DMC Power connectors are engineered and precisely machined to fit the exact tolerance of the conductor used. This allows the Swaged connector to fully grip the conductor, ensuring the tightest, most secure connection possible.

However, not all 3/0 & 4/0 grounding is created equal.

Solid wire cable is made of a single piece of annealed copper and at first glance looks very similar to a Ground Rod. Because it's only one wire it actually has a smaller outside diameter than the more typical 7 and 19 stranded cables. While it may be a tiny difference it does require a slightly smaller connector opening to guarantee a complete 360° compression.

Solid Wire = Solid Swage

DMC Power Solid Wire connections are fully tested and utilized on job sites throughout the country. Best of all, they use the same Swage technology as our stranded connectors to create a quick, safe and resilient connection.

When ordering simply use the "003" designator when your plans call for 3/0 or 4/0 Solid Wire copper products.

For reference during the design phase of your next Solid Wire Grounding project, download our updated Grounding Selector Chart. Any questions or specific drawing requests may be directed to your local Territory Manager for additional information and/or cutsheets with Solid Wire options.