Single Stage ACSR


One of the largest national utilities companies in the country is a heavy user of DMC Power ground connector products. Their engineering and construction teams understood the advantages of the DMC Power Swage System and wanted to run trials on our Full Tension product lines to quantify the time and labor cost benefits since contractors were doing the construction.

Two bids were submitted  one with standard material and legacy installation methods and a separate one with the DMC Power Swage System.  The DMC Power ACSR single pad deadends (DC99) were spec'd to included the uppers with a custom 15° angle to the jumper pad so it drops cleanly between the lower connectors.

After reviewing the bids, the customer realized a double digit percentage labor savings using the DMC Power single-stage ACSR system.


All 142 deadends were manufactured at our Los Angeles facility within our standard 4-6 week lead time and delivered onsite to the customer for immediate installation.


The customer was impressed with the speed, ease of installation and the other inherent advantages, including EHV rating, over their traditional fittings & methods:

  • The DMC Power Swage tool weighs 40% less than industry standard tools. Lighter tools = reduced injury risk
  • Faster installation time. Less bucket time = safer work
  • Simpler installation procedure.  Less complicated install = fewer mistakes
  • The inspection gauge allows contractors to immediately confirm proper installation in the bucket and by inspectors from the ground