Rural Utilities Service


DMC Power is an American manufacturing company with a global presence.  Though we've Swaged connections across 6 continents (Antarctica - call us!) we're as committed as ever to supporting the rural cooperatives that sustain the economic well-being and quality of life for all of the nation's rural residents.

By partnering with RUS, DMC Power is able to provide rural cooperatives the highest levels of customer support, engineering solutions, time savings and labor reduction while improving the quality of their infrastructure with a connection system that is proven throughout the world.



The United States has more than 900 Electric Cooperates across 47 states that serve over 42 million people (13% of the nation's population) and 18 million businesses, homes, schools and other establishments. The United States Department of Agriculture's Rural Utility Service (RUS) Electric Program provides capital and leadership to maintain, expand, upgrade and modernize America’s vast rural electric infrastructure.



We invented the 360° Swage connection method and have proven results with Utilities and projects of all sizes around the world. Our products are easy to use, efficient, durable and available to ship quickly for use on your next substation.  We have RUS approved connectors for many applications that you can specify on your next project.

  1. Contact DMC Power first.  We'll provide engineering and design support, product information, pricing and answer all your questions throughout the design process.
  2. If you need a new design or particular connector to be approved let us know and we'll work with RUS to submit all the paperwork required in project designs
  3. Submit your substation designs for RUS review and approval, specifying the DMC Power connectors to use
  4. Once received, RUS will review the design. We have established a great working relationship with the RUS team. They are familiar with our company, products and technology and should approved your design without delay.
  5. If a design is already submitted and approved it's not too late to change! Call DMC Power and we'll work with you to submit a change notice to RUS for review and approval.


We look forward to Swaging your next project!  Contact your local Territory Manager for more information about the DMC Power / RUS program.