Grounding Alternatives

Ground the easy way

DMC Power offers dozens of different Ground connector configurations - but if you're using 4/0 or small, why make it difficult?

Just 3 connector styles are all you need to complete your entire Ground Grid.  This speeds up installation of your connections even more by using just 1 or 2 Swages and makes the design of ground grids and the purchasing of connectors even easier.


GC721 / GC888

With just a manual bend of the cable our split parallel connectors can act as a Cross or Tee with just one Swage!


90° turns and Tee connections just got a whole lot easier to install with our Split Run Elbow connector.  The removable cap allows you to easily tap into existing lines and ground rods.


Our Dual Split Offset Cross is one of the most versatile connectors ever designed! By having two removable sliding lids and an offset cross design, this unique connector can install Elbow, Tee, Riser and Cross layouts with only 2 swages.


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