LIVE Split Connector – Australia


A major Australian Utility needed to remove existing 80mm (3") & 125mm (5"), 3,000 amp, 275kV Bus bars to allow the installation of new equipment. The removal and reinstallation had to be completed on a LIVE substation with no interruption in service.

The Bus was reinstalled using bolted fittings and a 6mm fitted internal sleeve to maintain alignment.



The client identified potential hot spots with the bolted fittings and originally preferred to re-work the 80 connections by welding. Unpredictable weather conditions and the requirement to keep the substation LIVE eliminated welding as a viable option.



The Utility saw an opportunity to use the DMC Power Swage system and PLKM5000 split splices to save time, negate the need for outages and ensure installation could be completed in unpredictable weather.

Additionally, the Bus was to be reinstalled using a 6mm (1/4") internal sleeve to maintain alignment.

Testing at the DMC Power factory and by the Utility verified the Bus split fittings would Swage properly onto the 125mm (5”) Bus and 6mm internal sleeve insert and was approved for use.



The construction crew was quickly trained in Swage Tool usage and practiced on a few test fittings before conducting their Risk Assessment and entering the live station.

The actual installation was straight forward:

  • Old bolted fittings were removed
  • Internal sleeve reamined inside the Bus
  • Each splice half was wrapped around the outside of the Bus and Swaged into place

The installation went as planned and all connections were safely and successfully made, even with the difficulty of live conditions. The technology prevented interruption to the power supply, something that couldn't be achieved using other methods of installation.