Copper Bus Connector – Labrador City, Canada

copper_busThe Problem:

Labrador City is located on the 53rd parallel, which makes it one of the northern most cities in all of Canada. Mining is the major industry so it's critical to have a reliable source of energy with minimal downtime. With only one flight entering and leaving this cold city each day, repairs are neither quick nor easy.

Labrador City, one of Canada's northernmost cities on the 53rd parallel, relies heavily on mining with a critical need for uninterrupted energy. The frigid climate and remoteness make quick repairs challenging. Our customer faced a 50-year struggle with Brass Bolted Connectors on the 2.5" Bus, leading to potential economic and safety crises.

The Solution:

Copper_bus_1To address the urgent need for connector replacement, DMC Power executed a swift and efficient solution:

  • Engineering Excellence: DMC Power engineered, tested, and manufactured 8 custom copper connectors tailored to Labrador City's unique requirements.
  • Rapid Turnaround: The entire process, from engineering to manufacturing, took just 6 business days.
  • International Shipping: Connectors and Swage Tooling were shipped internationally, reaching Labrador City 16 business days after order confirmation.

The Results:

The implementation occurred in challenging conditions, showcasing the effectiveness of the solution:

  • Efficient Installation in Extreme Weather: Installation in early December, at -5 Celsius, and 35 feet in the air demonstrated DMC Power's reliability in extreme conditions.
  • Swift Adoption and Inspection: The customer received parts, completed tool training, installed all connectors, and conducted inspections in just one afternoon.

DMC Power's rapid response and customized solutions not only addressed Labrador City's immediate needs but also showcased the company's commitment to efficiency, reliability, and adaptability in extreme conditions. This case study stands as a testament to our ability to deliver under challenging circumstances.

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