Copper Bent Flat Bus




A customer in the Pacific Northwest asked DMC Power to manufacture very specific types of flexible, flat copper Bus connector for their substation repair.



Copper bus is seen in many old substations (when the price of copper was much cheaper) and in industrial facilities and power plants for their high current carrying capacity. With decades of retrofits and upgrades to the older substations things often do not fit exactly the way they should.  In this particular instance the new equipment had different dimensions than the old equipment and these flexible pieces helped with that offset.

DMC Power already has a full line of Swageable copper Bus and copper Cable connectors, and with so few customers using flat Bus this was a very unique opportunity for us.


Consulting with the customer we quickly developed approved drawings for the following connectors:

Once the PO was received we started the manufacturing by quickly sourcing our usual high quality copper in sheet stock, bent it to shape and added NEMA hole patterns so it could be mounted to the customers transformers, switches

Install Pic


Connector Zoom in