Below Grade Transmission Grounding


230kv-vault-1One of the largest suppliers of high voltage cable in the world ran a 230KV underground Transmission line from a nuclear power plant to a local substation.

All of the High Voltage Transmission cable line was pulled through and spliced at 26 underground concrete vaults before being grounding with multiple connections.

The owner and contractor did not feel comfortable using a traditional installation method to complete this project due to the very confined spaces, standing water and concerns over sparks burning holes in the cable jacket. They decided to use DMC Power Swaged grounding connectors for safety, quality of connection and accessibility reasons.


gc721-300300-parallelMore than 250 of our GC721 Split Parallel and GC759 Offset Split Elbow ground connectors were ordered, with emergency connectors delivered to the job site within 3 business days of the purchase order being received.

Swage tools were hand delivered onsite by our local DMC Power Territory Manager and in-person training on proper Swage operation was provided to several different 3-4 man crews.



gc721-300350-parallelAll connectors were installed ahead of schedule with no failures, reworks or areas of concern.

The onsite construction crews worked on above and below grade Transmission projects and repeatedly stated how fast and consistent Swaging is and how much they appreciated not having to worry about smoke inhalation, molten metal splatter or cutting out and reworking bad shots.

The customer is convinced that the DMC Power Swage System is the safest, fastest and most robust grounding connection system on the market and has since teamed up with us on several other projects across the US..