A-Frame Tee – Colorado


The Challenge: Elevating Efficiency in Transmission Line Connectivity

A leading transmission infrastructure developer sought to enhance the efficiency and reliability of their transmission line connectivity. While already utilizing DMC Power connectors for this project, their "design-as-you-build" process led them to realize an A-Frame and Bus-to-Bus tee were needed in the exact same location. Existing solutions were unable to meet this requirement, necessitating a custom-tailored approach to optimize their project.

The Execution: Tailored A-Frame Tee Connector Solutions

plk1651Our approach involved:

  • Fast, Detailed Analysis: DMC Power's local Territory Manager immediately arrived onsite to conduct a thorough analysis of the transmission line infrastructure and understand the specific connectivity challenges, spacial limitations and capacity needs.
  • Custom Design and Engineering: Creating custom PLK1651 A-Frame Tee Connectors precisely to match requirements, optimizing transmission line capacity and reliability.
  • Adherence to Standards: Ensuring compliance with industry standards, guaranteeing safety and reliability in high-voltage environments.

The Results: Timely, Quality Driven Performance

The implementation of DMC Power's customized A-Frame Tee Connector solutions yielded substantial results:

  • Timely Results: From engineering design to production, and shipping, these custom parts were delivered in just 10 days.
  • Quality Customer Service: Our Territory Manager was back on location as the parts arrived to ensure proper fitting and conduct additional field support during the remainder of the installation.
  • Compliance Assurance: Meeting and surpassing industry standards, our solutions provided peace of mind regarding safety and adherence to regulations.

Conclusion: Customized Transmission Line Solutions for Future-Ready Infrastructure

Through custom engineering and a meticulous approach to design, DMC Power successfully addressed the transmission line developer's connectivity challenge. With our "all hands-on deck" approach, our efficient adaptability for the implemented A-Frame Tee Connector solutions ensured compliance and readiness for future infrastructure demands.

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