A-Frame Tee – Colorado, USA


A customer recently ran into a unique challenge during their design-as-you-build process. They were using DMC Power connectors for their cable connections and bus runs on a new substation when they discovered an A-Frame and Bus-to-Bus tee were needed in the exact same location.



DMC Power's local Territory Manager immediately arrived onsite and investigated the issue.  plk1651 We were able to quickly diagnose the problem and work with our in-house engineering and manufacturing teams to design, produce and ship the new PLK1651 A-Frame Tee connector to meet this particular configuration.



From design to shipping, the entire process took just 10 days!  Our Territory Manager was back on location as the parts arrived to make sure everything fit properly and conduct additional field support during the rest of the installation.

The new design worked flawlessly and the customer was impressed with our flexibility, capabilities and "all hands on deck" approach to supporting their needs.