AAC Full Tension – Ontario, Canada


The customer was in the process of a major rebuilding of their yard. They used DMC Power exclusively for the ground grid installation and had such a positive experience they wanted to try our new AAC Full Tension connectors on 6 lines they needed to install, even though they already had competitor parts and tooling on hand.



The order for 12 single pad deadends and 12 cable connectors was received on March 8th. On March 20th the order was shipped complete from Los Angeles and arrived in Toronto Canada on March 23.

swage delivery

Installation & Conclusion

The outage was scheduled for two days. The crew was experienced with the Swage Tool from installing the grounding grid and was able to hang all six cables in less than an hour.

The crew was very impressed with the labor and time savings and the project supervisor liked the ease of use, light weight tooling and consistency of each Swage. They will continue using the full range of DMC Power connectors.