December 21, 2020

CARSON, Calif. – DMC Power is excited to announce our status as an Authorized Hardware Manufacturing Partner for ACCC® Conductor fittings.

DMC Power will manufacture and supply Swage connector fittings designed exclusively for CTC Global ACCC Conductors. The combination of CTC Global's proven Collet and Housing System for mechanical holding strength and DMC Power’s Swage System for electrical performance, provides the most technologically advanced connector system for ACCC Conductor.

The DMC Power Swage System offers more than twice the compression ratio than traditional 100-ton presses with a substantial reduction in tool weight. This is a result of DMC Power's unique 360° flex die technology which distributes forces evenly around the entire diameter of the connector barrel eliminating connector bowing.

The DMC Power ACCC Connector system utilizes only two barrel/die sizes for the complete line of conductor sizes. This allows for rapid production times and easy installation with only two light weight, portable tools.

CTC Global’s patented ACCC Conductor is the world’s preeminent high-performance bare overhead conductor. Utilities all over the world use it to improve power grid efficiency, capacity, reliability, and resilience. The ACCC Conductor enables twice the capacity and greater efficiency than traditional overhead conductors. These dramatically enhance the movement of bulk power with much lower carbon emissions and lifecycle costs.

The DMC Power Swage System will help utilities worldwide install ACCC Conductor Hardware with greater ease and efficiency by Swaging at a quicker pace with greater precision.

About DMC Power:
DMC Power is the creator of the 360º Swage Connection System in the Utility Industry and the global leader in Swage connector technology for substation bus, cable, grounding and full tension transmission applications. DMC Power is headquartered in Carson, California. Visit:

About CTC Global:
CTC Global is the developer, marketer and manufacturer of the patented carbon fiber composite core used in ACCC Conductor, the high performance, energy-efficient power line solution. To date, over 100,000 kilometers of ACCC Conductor has been installed by more than 250 Utilities in 60 countries. CTC Global is headquartered in Irvine, California. Visit:

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