Single Stage ACSR Reconnect


A long time customer needed to replace 50 year old Copper Wiring with 636 ACSR Cable.

The first of four phases was a 5-mile reconducting from one of their Hydro Plants.






The Hydro Plant is located on the river banks deep within a National Forest. The beautiful area is a popular recreational area with an extremely rugged terrain of varying elevations and peaks.

There is no way to cut in roads so the
line could be slacked to the ground for crimp splice installation, and the only alternative would be to fly a crew and tools to the top of each tower, an extremely dangerous proposition. The customer decided to try DMC Power's ACSR Full Tension Splices because of the unique design which allows them the ACSR Cable and Splice over the blocks.


Our Territory Manager was onsite with tooling to conduct training and ensure quality for the duration of the 1-1/2 week project.

In the end, the 25 man crew saved a total of 4 days of installation time.  There was no bird-caging or bowing of connectors, guaranteeing superior performance and zero additional maintenance for the life of the line.

As long time user's of the DMC Power Swage System for substations, the crew knew to expect top-notch service, consistent results and light weight, easy to use tooling on top of the labor and time savings for Transmisssion applications.