DMC Power Manufactures Superior Substation Bus Connectors

Onsite_Bus_ImageDMC Power’s revolutionary Substation Bus pipe connectors use our hand held swage tool powered by a 10,000 psi pump to produce a unique, 360° radial swage connection. Swaging gives your Bus a superior connection over a weldment because there is no heat-affected-zone to weaken the pipe.

Extensive comparative testing has shown that DMC Power’s swaging system and Bus Connectors outperforms welded and bolted systems in tensile, bending, vibration Corona/RIV, current cycle and fault current testing.


Substation Bus Connector Advantages:

    • Bus bars can be pre-cut and assembled prior to swaging
    • Swage in any weather condition and avoid expensive construction delays
    • Permanent swage connections mean you never have to tighten bolted connections again
    • Consistent quality of swaged connections no matter who performs the Swage
    • Faster installations mean substantial cost saving; Swaging is proven to be at least three times faster than welding
    • Easy to use! Our simple Bus SOP will train and certify users in less than 30 minutes


Photo Gallery: Bus Product Line  Substation Jobsites

Detailed Bus Connector Information

We manufacture the following types of substation bus (pipe) connectors in all industry standard configurations to meet or exceed all the recognized standards, including ANSI C119.4 and NEMA CC1:


  • A-Frames
  • Bolt Shields
  • Bus Supports
  • Bus-to-Cable
  • Bus-to-Pad
  • Corona Balls
  • Corona Rings
  • Couplers
  • Crosses
  • Elbows
  • End Caps
  • Expansion Joints
  • Grounding: Studs & Stirrups
  • Splices
  • Split Connectors
  • Tees
  • Terminal Pads
  • Custom orders available systems rated up to 500 Kv


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